Declan Ryan Wood wooden products will have a variety of finishes depending on the product. Our most utilised finish is a hard wax oil that provides a long lasting and durable water repellent finish, engineered in Germany from 100% natural ingredients.  As it retains the original colour of the timber whilst also providing the highest level of protection, this finish is often used when we want to achieve a completely natural look.

We recommend that you refresh your oil finished items every few months or as required to keep them nourished and looking at their best. To do this, simply apply a thin coat of a food safe oil and allow it to absorb over 10 minutes then buff off any excess with a soft cloth. This will result in a lovely satin finish. Natural hemp seed oil or other good alternatives such as corn oil and walnut oil are recommended. Do not refresh with walnut oil if there is a chance the item could be used by someone with a nut allergy. Don’t use vegetable or olive oils as these may turn rancid, imparting an unpleasant smell and taste on items served in your piece.

With reasonable care your piece will look good for a lifetime and beyond. Never put the item in a dishwasher and avoid submerging it in water, a wipe down with a damp soapy cloth is the preferred method of cleaning. If you want to keep your piece as close as possible to its new condition, ensure you protect it from knocks, scuffs and scratches and avoid exposure to liquids and heat. The first scuff or scratch can be the hardest to accept but our approach to scratches and marks is to simply let time and use slowly develop a surface that reflects the history of the piece within your home.

Light can fade or darken the colour of some woods over time. This cannot be prevented or reversed but avoiding exposure to strong light will slow the process. Contact with water may cause your piece to lose some of its surface lustre. If this happens refresh with a food safe oil as noted above. If using your piece at the table, some foods like beetroot can result in stains. While these will slowly fade or at least blend in over time, if you want to prevent this it is best to avoid serving such foods in your bowl.

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