Costa Rica is a delightful country numerous unique wedding traditions. From the commemoration to the reception and clothing, these traditions will make your special day time even more unforgettable.

A fashionable tradition certainly is the serenata. This is when the soon-to-be husband arrives at his bride’s house with a selection of musicians to serenade her.


Music is a big part of Puerto Rican traditions, which shows inside the ceremony at weddings. One popular pre-wedding tradition can be described as serenata, in which the groom great groomsmen visit the bride’s property with a music group to sing romantic sounds for her, her family and friends.

The wedding ceremony itself can be steeped in symbolism, from the single costa rican ladies processional to the exchange of vows. Later on, the newlyweds customarily present wedding favors to their particular guests.

During the reception, guests generally show up to deafening, traditional music and enjoy a feast of Playa Rican foodstuff. In keeping with family values, Ticos generally invite almost all their friends and relatives to the wedding ~ even if that they live far. This means that a Costa Rican wedding can be quite the party!


Playa Ricans are professional revelers, and wedding events are the perfect excuse to obtain their party on. A normal Costa Rican reception can last until the early several hours. Guests love delicious meals and drinks like arroz con pollo and tamales sobre elote, and tropical state of mind and beer. Some couples hire a comparsa (a group of artists playing bataille instruments) or possibly a DJ to experiment with popular music.

Ahead of the ceremony, the groom, followed simply by his friends and a band, serenades his bride. Known as a “serenata”, this is a sweet and romantic traditions. During the recessional, guests can throw items with the couple to wish all of them luck. The most famous item is normally rice, although others include padding and other embryon. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your big day and have absolutely your thankfulness for your guests.


The clothes at a Costa Rican wedding is usually traditional, with a bright white lace outfit and veil. The star of the wedding may also have on other add-ons like flowers in her wild hair and about her stomach, delicate earrings pieces, hand protection, and a colorful sash to add more personality.

Costa Rican women are extremely family-oriented, and they really want to get married to a man who will be considered a good corporation for their the entire family. They are impliable about following their religious beliefs and look for to get a traditional family life.

In this fabulous styled shoot, the star of the wedding wore a custom dress created by Elky Suarez & highlighted removable fleshlight sleeves for more options throughout the day. Her hair & jewelry had been by Causa Perla, a Costa Rican-based boutique that curates beautiful rings & head-cover. The florals were by Arte Flor. They even developed unique bespoke take card wall structure made with dried “jicaros”, a plant indigenous to Costa Rica, for the perfect touch!


In Costa Rican culture, music is a significant part of any kind of wedding. The bride and bridegroom traditionally listen to several musicians play classic romantic songs before the commemoration. This is called the serenata.

Throughout the ceremony, it is customary designed for the bride to put on a dark silk dress up with a veil. This custom symbolizes her willingness to sacrifice herself on her behalf spouse. Additionally, the groom has on a bright white shirt which has been hand-embroidered by his future wife. At present, many brides purchase ready-made embroidered shirts for their big event.

With the reception, friends are welcomed with traditional food and beverages. They also reach dance and party the night away! A popular Costa Rican tradition certainly is the Money Flow, where friends pin money to the newlyweds’ clothes. That is a great way to remember the new couple and help them start their very own life together!