I intend to establish Declan Ryan Wood as a sought after furniture brand of quality, design and professionalism specializing in uniquely designed and crafted pieces of furniture & artistic installations. My expertise will focus on manufacture of unique pieces, constructed primarily but not restricted to, sustainable hardwoods.

My work in art will be accessible and fun and used as a vehicle to convey my brand awareness and capabilities in my wider geographical community. Design, art and craft will be key features of my furniture brand.

I spend some of my time wood turning on my lathe, making furniture components, model making & prototyping & sometimes just exploring new ideas. I aim to provide a service to my clients, which will serve their specific needs and at an exceptional level of craftsmanship. I aim to reach many markets, domestically and internationally, and to sell Declan Ryan as a brand, which is synonymous with beauty and excellence.

Get in touch if you there’s something you need that we can create together.