Additionally, cryptocurrency mining can have an unpleasant effect on your electricity bill. This is because mining often requires your hardware to run around the clock, which boosts your daily energy consumption, and, therefore, your bill. Even if you buy a highly energy-efficient CPU or GPU, you’ll still notice differences in your monthly electricity output. So, if an increased electricity bill sounds like bad news to you, cryptocurrency mining may not be your preferred venture.

  • However, it’s important to note that when you mine as part of a pool, you only receive a fraction of the reward.
  • To make Vertcoin mining more rewarding, a miner may choose a pool of miners.
  • Another important element of cryptocurrency mining is whether you choose to mine on your own or as part of a pool.
  • The software is available for download from the official GitHub site.

Our research shows, that NiceHash and MiningRigRentals are reputable cloud mining providers. As mentioned above, Vertcoin uses a new POW algorithm dubbed Lyra2RE. As described in the Vertcoin whitepaper, Lyra2RE is a NIST5 based chain algorithm developed to reduce the miners’ dependency on ASIC.

Vertcoin mining hardware profitability

The data in this table will prove useful later on in the article, when you’ll be able to use it to estimate your potential profit. You’ll find more details in our Vertcoin mining calculator section. A stable Internet connection is also vital for Vertcoin mining.

vertcoin mining profitability

The VTC development team launched the ‘anti-ASIC’ campaign in 2014. They strongly emphasised implementing the Lyra2RE algorithm in their network instead of the previously used Scrypt-N POW algorithm. Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency that has already proven its worth in the crypto world and climbs higher in the rankings. That’s why the token can be mined only on CPU and GPU computers.

Beginner miners may learn from them and develop their own mining skills. Along with the Vertcoin mining profitability, the list of top 5 Vertcoin miners is updated frequently. The Vertcoin mining information is updated continually with the current block mining information. This information is used as the default inputs for the VTC mining calculator along with the default hashrate and wattage specs from the best Vertcoin miner. Though solo mining can be more expensive and time-consuming, the big advantage is that you keep the entire block reward. Additionally, miners can avoid paying a pool fee when they mine on their own.

The cryptocurrency is also integrated with Lyra2REv2 technology, strengthening the network and keeping ASIC miners away from the crypto. However, it’s important to note that when you mine as part of a pool, you only receive a fraction of the reward. Many pools issue rewards in proportion to how much hash power each member has contributed, though this is not always the case. But regardless of the pool’s payment structure, you’ll never receive a reward in its entirety. Rather, you’ll receive smaller amounts on a more consistent basis.

You can currently grab an RTX 3080 for around $800-$900, but you’ll rack up a higher bill if you’re looking to build a rig. They are working as volunteers and most of the projects are funded by donations. Vertcoin will make you feel like you’re your own bank institution. VTC is divided mainly into developers, PR, marketing, administration and community departments.

How does VertCoin (VTC) Mining Calculator Works?

All these properties, make the coin easy and safe to use, allowing for low-cost and quick transfers. Having these benefits in mind and the potential for growth, Vertcoin is a great mining opportunity. Every aspect of our Vertcoin mining calculator has been developed for miners by miners. When it comes to mining Vertcoin, Nvidia’s RTX series is a particular favorite, including the 3080, which can reach a hash rate of up to 100 Mh/s.

vertcoin mining profitability

Vertcoin is playing it simple and gives the chance to the members of the network to participate and keep the network decentralized. In this section we’ll go over the setup process in a step-by-step manner. By the time you’re done, you’ll able to call yourself a Vertcoin miner. Last, but not least, you’ll need a wallet to receive your mined coins. We recommend using the official desktop one – Vertcoin Core for starters.

For those of you, who aren’t interested in mining on your own, there is a cloud mining alternative. We’ll cover that aspect in detail, further on in this article. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with $20 billion in capital and $12 billion every day trading volume. Unfortunately, you can’t mine Vertcoin in iOS because Apple restricted mining due to the damage mining apps caused to its devices’ hardware. is an independent publishing house that provides Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology News. It is a News Media Platform which serves its audience with accurate News and Analytical Articles.

How to mine Vertcoin

Mining Vertcoin is not profitable at this time with the mining hardware hashrate of 2.50 MH/s, electricity costs, and pool / maintenance fees provided. Enter your Vertcoin mining hashrate, power consumption in watts, and costs. Once you’ve opened One Click Miner, you’ll need to create a password for your account.

vertcoin mining profitability

To make Vertcoin mining more rewarding, a miner may choose a pool of miners. By sharing their computing power in a group, miners can earn faster rewards. Before beginners join mining pools, it’s recommended that they run in-depth research to avoid scams and earn the maximum Vertcoin rewards with other miners in the pool. In addition to that, mining pools are often composed of seasoned miners.

Our team is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain technology. Vertcoin is climbing higher in the rankings vertcoin mining profitability of the coin market cap. The coin is quite social, which attracts investors and participants. The wellbeing of the coin is in the hands of the people and there is no authority singlehandedly controlling it.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Updates

It lets miners of all levels — from beginners to pros — start mining Vertcoin using GPU or CPU computers. The team of developers behind Vertcoin is looking for ways to strengthen the Vertcoin network while educating users, helping them get the knowledge they need and become more literate in crypto mining. The team never stops working on making the coin resistant to ASICs. Vertcoin is open to everyone interested in crypto and mining, and the coin’s society welcomes and supports newbies. The developers also make it simple for network members to participate in keeping the coin decentralised.

The best mining CPUs on the market today can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Check if everything is working correctly, by logging into the pool’s website. The important thing about the wallet is the address you will get. We recommend you download the wallet from the official Vertcoin website.