Just like .NET Core, it was flexible while keeping costs to a minimum. Depending on the needs of the application, NuGet packages can also be used to add new, more complex features. This makes the deployment faster, uses less memory, makes it smaller, and makes it easy to manage. If you are looking to get started with Umbraco CMS we recommend you look through our guide on getting started.


Microsoft also gives everyone, including businesses, access to a free version of Visual Studio Code, which is a lighter integrated development environment (IDE) and editor. ASP.NET gives us a way to build dynamic websites using patterns and the MVC (Model View Controller) framework. With MVC, you have full control over the HTML markup, a clear separation between code and markup, and it’s easy to make tests. It lets you clearly divide roles, which gives you full control over markup and makes agile development a joy.

But there are a lot of common things that need to be done!

On the other hand, ASP.NET Core’s modular design is much better than ASP.NET’s. This lets developers choose only the ASP.NET Core modules they need for the project they are working on. This article is about understanding ASP.NET and aims to give a full introduction to the subject. http://www.ruskid.ru/orrr/8748-komnata-malysha.html Here, we will talk about the most important parts of ASP.NET, such as its history, architecture, components, development process, and deployment options. If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it.

  • Once the compilation is finished, the code can be quickly run by the .NET platform an infinite number of times.
  • All of the most common databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB, and CouchDB, can be used by applications built with ASP.NET.
  • The architecture of the ASP .NET framework consists of a set of key components that are used in development.
  • And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advice, go ahead and ask the Umbraco community on Our.
  • This article is about understanding ASP.NET and aims to give a full introduction to the subject.
  • It consists of modular components with minimal overhead, so you retain flexibility while constructing your solutions.

Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server.

Active Support

The Core version 2.x works with both .NET Core 2.x and .NET Framework. ASP.NET Zero saves your time by providing common application requirements as a pre-built Visual Studio solution (with source code). Get ASP.NET Zero’s source code as the base solution and focus on your own business code to build your application! One of the most important decisions to make when making a web application is what kind of database to use.


This means that new releases will simply be called .NET followed by a version number. A new version is released in November every year, meaning that .NET 5 was released in 2020, .NET 6 in 2021, and so forth. Provides a layered architectural model based on Domain Driven Design.